Mass Media about us

  • The goal was to write an article on innovative and advanced technologies in the field of distance education, and provided free access to all functions of the system in order to evaluate and understand how such systems work right now, especially learning English online.
    We were pleasantly surprised by what we saw. We tested 6 levels on various features of the system and conducted 17 lessons with teachers. Read more in our review.
  • The task was such that it was necessary to tighten spoken English for 30 employees of the company as soon as possible (70 days), moreover, in different cities of the country. To do this, we chose the option of online learning and were not mistaken. 420 classes were conducted in turbo mode, including with native speakers. Webinars, consultations, practical classes on compiling business correspondence for our partners in different countries of the world. Do not stop there. We continue to improve our level and skills.
  • Impressed by the choice of content for learning English. All classes for independent work are divided into 6 types. Speaking - the system works in such a way that it recognizes our English, in real time. What and how we say. Very convenient for improving pronunciation. Grammar - grammar and rules of the English language are presented in the form of presentations and video lessons, with a teacher. Each topic is fixed tasks and exercises. Writing, Listening, Reading and Vocabulary we have examined in more detail, with video examples.
  • Our review of the English language learning system online, was to test the platform for individual lessons. We want to emphasize right away that the teachers did not know and were not aware that the lesson was taking place solely for the purpose of writing the article. The system displays to us an interactive whiteboard for the teacher’s work, actually video, audio and chat (as in Skype), as well as the possibility of interaction with the group and the teacher. For example, raising a hand (in the form of an icon), if there was a need to ask your question.