Questions and Answers

  • What types of training do you have?
    We offer one-to-one instruction, interactive and group lessons.
  • Can I choose the direction of classes?
    Yes, if you are studying individually or using a personal interactive course.
  • How to pay for education and at what course?
    Payment is possible using visa / mastercard, payment terminals, bank transfer, etc. Payment is made in EUR. If your card is in a different currency, then the allocation takes place at the internal rate of your bank.
  • What is online learning?
    This is an independent study of the language, based on a set of information and educational materials, videos, presentations, training, voice recognition, etc.
  • How can I choose a teacher?
    Find out detailed information and choose a teacher at this page.
  • Is it possible to freeze training?
    Yes, you can suspend training on any course, up to 6 months.
  • Do you only have online classes?
    Yes, we provide online training exclusively.
  • Do I need to download some kind of application for classes?
    You do not need to download anything else. Classes pass through the platform of our site.
  • Will I get any certificate after training?
    Upon completion of any level, each student passes the final test, after which he receives an international certificate according to CEFR standards.