Individual lessons with a teacher

  • Any level
  • 70% of the lesson is your conversational practice
  • Overcoming the linguistic and auditory barrier
  • Classes of any subject or orientation
  • Class rescheduling
  • Choosing a convenient schedule
Individual lessons
20 lessons 5 lessons
  • The level of knowledge of English
    For whom
    calculated course
    Students with any
    level of knowledge
  • Course duration
    of course
    based on your goals
  • Course intensity
    2-3 times a week
    by 60 minutes
  • Course fees
    from 10 euro
    in lesson 60 minutes

Pursuing individually
you can

English lessons on skype
  • Improve your speaking skills
    and improve pronunciation
  • Choose an English program
    exclusively for your needs
  • Choose the one that suits you
    the teacher
  • Classes are available
    move or cancel
  • Replace teacher
    at any time
  • Get an international certificate
    after completing the course

How is
learning process

  • 1
    Personal teacher
    Choose a teacher in our catalog or leave an application to choose a tutor, according to your wishes.
    Teacher selection
  • 2
    Purchase and reservation of classes
    You can buy classes right on this page, at the top. After the purchase, you must sign up for a lesson using a simple booking form.
    Schedule selection
  • 3
    Interactive course
    When buying individual lessons, an interactive course as a gift!
    More about interactive course.
    Learn English Online
  • 4
    The price includes all materials:
    email textbook, video and audio courses, interactive word learning and international certification.
    Additional materials for learning English
  • 5
    Online lesson example
    Look at an example of how an online lesson goes
  • Learn words online
    learning words
  • Educational materials
    can be downloaded
  • Skype classes
    Classes with
    native speakers
  • English teachers
    Russian speakers
  • Video English lessons
    Video lessons
  • Library for learning English
    The biggest
  • No complicated homework
    No complicated
  • English grammar

This is one of the most popular English courses at school. This course offers you to study English individually, with a teacher. Only you and your tutor. This is an excellent choice for students who need an individual training program and a personal approach. Using individual lessons, you will work with only one, your personal teacher.

Tutor can be selected in our catalog.

Classes are held using our interactive platform, so you get the full amount of knowledge in a relaxed and interesting way. Also, classes can take place on Skype (skype), at your request. Please note that individual lessons can be canceled and rescheduled, as well as at any time to replace the teacher, which is very convenient and cannot be done in group classes.