Tomato technique
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Technique "Tomato" for learning English

Technique "Tomato" (The Pomodoro Technique) designed to contribute to the successful learning of English.

It was developed by student Francesco Cirillo. The young Italian creatively approached to increase his academic performance and make the learning process productive. He began to alternate small time intervals for study and rest. He watched the time with a kitchen timer in the form of a tomato, which served as the name of the new method.

Duration of classes and breaks

Tomato helps organize itself and correctly allocate time in such a way as to start learning English immediately, without postponing this task for an indefinite period. The main thing is to adhere to a certain training algorithm:

  • Active study of the material lasts 25 minutes, and then comes a short break for 5 minutes. This is the first "tomato".
  • After that, you can move on to the next “tomato”: 25 minutes of study and 5 minutes of a break. There can be four such approaches.
  • After the end of the fourth “tomato”, a long break of 20 minutes is necessary. Only after this time can you repeat the cycle of four "tomatoes".

Even if you have to prepare for an exam in English, breaks should be required. Neglect of rest can lead to impaired attention, concentration and reduced effectiveness of classes.

How to use The Pomodoro Technique

To learn a foreign language is effective, you will need:

  • Make a list of tasks that need to be completed within a certain time. You can set yourself the goal of learning new English words during the first approach. But large tasks, for example, repeating the rules of grammar, it is better to break into several "tomatoes".
  • Choose and set a convenient timer. A kitchen device similar to the one used by an Italian student, a timer on the site, and an application for a Pomodroido smartphone will do.
  • Within 25 minutes allotted for study, you can not be distracted. If an unplanned break was made, you need to start the timer again.
    As soon as 25 minutes have passed, you should stop. Resume training is recommended only after the time allotted for a break.

What are the advantages of the Tomato technique

The goal to learn English will be quite achievable, because the Tomato technique:

  • Helps to concentrate on studying. The presence of breaks allows you to relax, get distracted by other things and recharge your batteries for further productive solutions to your tasks.
  • Makes learning easier. Small “tomatoes” are attractive. It will be much easier to start studying if you know in advance that you will have to work only 25 minutes.
  • Helps to cope with tasks faster. The need to invest in the allotted time is well organized and disciplined. The main thing, when planning to calculate your strength, take your time and do everything in stages.
  • Makes the learning process effective. The Tomato technique is convenient in that it allows you to distribute tasks according to complexity. Time will be given enough, both the study of new material, and the repetition of sections already completed.
  • Increases motivation. The presence of breaks allows you to be distracted by solving various issues, while not at the expense of the educational process. Proper time planning contributes to a good result, which becomes an excellent motivation.

The Tomato technique for studying English is simple and convenient to use. It can be used both during ordinary homework and in preparation for tests and exams. It will be useful to those who study a foreign language on their own.

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