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How to talk about some place in English

There are many places in the world where you can go on a trip, whether it be picturesque natural corners or big cities. But sometimes we have the task to describe in English at least, for example, our hometown or other well-known place.

This will help you formula: "two, three, seven". Name and location, location relative to other places and three key characteristics. Let us consider in more detail what this formula is.

Name and location

Starting to talk about a place, you should, firstly, clearly indicate it, and secondly, briefly report on its location. These will be two sentences from the first part of the formula.

So. In the first sentence, you give the exact name of the place. In the second sentence, talk about where it is.

Suppose we were asked to talk about our hometown. Based on the algorithm, we obtain, for example, the following:

"My hometown is Odessa. It is located on the Black Sea coast. "

Pay attention to the combination of "It is located on / in ... ", which is often used in such cases.

Location relative to other places

To continue the story about your city or any other place, you have to explain how it is located in relation to other places / cities / objects. In addition, you can report the distance separating them. As a result, you will get three sentences from the second part of the formula.

So. In the first of these sentences, name two places that are not far from the place in question. In the second and third sentences, indicate the distance dividing each of these places, respectively, from your place.

As a result, we get the following:

"Kiev and Nikolaev are not too far from Odessa. It takes about 6 hours to get to Kiev from Odessa. But it only takes about 2 hours to get to Nikolaev from Odessa. "

Pay attention to the combinations "... are not too far from ..."And"it takes about ...”, Which can also be used as a template in a story about a place. In the third sentence, a comparison is used, therefore the union “but ...».

Key characteristics of the place

In the final part of the story, you need to list three main features of your place, supplementing them with some details. To do this, you will need seven sentences, the last part of the formula.

So. In the first sentence, indicate the number of key characteristics that you will talk about, for example three. Next, give the first description of the place in question, and give additional information. These will be your second and third sentences. In the fourth and fifth sentences tell about the second feature, and in the sixth and seventh sentences - about the third.

Our seven sentences of the third part will look as follows:

“There are three key features of Odessa. First, Odessa is known for being Ukraine's largest resort city. Many people come here on vacation. Second, it has many historycal objects to visit. The third key feature of Odessa is its film festival "OIFF". It is the largest national film festival in Ukraine ”.

Pay attention to the combinations "there are three key features of ..."And"... is known for ..."Used to characterize a place.

Thus, using the simple formula “two, three, seven” you can compose a story in English about your city or any other place.

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